Top 4 Reasons Your List Isn’t Growing.

14 Dec

Top 4 Reasons Your List Isn’t Growing

by Rebecca Swayze on November 30th, 2010

Somewhere along the way, someone told you what great things email marketing can do for your business. They explained that you’ll get lots of new leads and sales will soar, just by sending a monthly newsletter and keeping customers in the loop.

So you took their advice, read the Getting Started Guide and got to work crafting emails. And they were right! People subscribed, sales were great and you were happy as a clam…but then something happened. Sign-ups dwindled. Now, you get a few new subscribers here and there, but your list isn’t growing.

We’ve heard this before! Not to fret. After the initial flurry of sign-ups when your list is new, it’s completely normal to have a slump in growth. Lucky for you, there are some really simple things you can do to rev up your list-building engine and attract new subscribers. Keep reading to find out why your list isn’t growing and how to fix it!      Go to www.Aweber and get the rest of article.

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