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06 Jan

Grand Children are our Inspiration in 2013.

2013 Blog Begins a Mission on our Health.

Rachael, Very Special One of our Beautiful Grand Daughters will be our inspiration this Blog, we will feature another one each Blog.

This year we are going to go back to our past business activity.

For over 13 yrs., we owned a large Long Term Care & Nursing Home Business, in the U.S. We had 20 facilities and over 3,000 employees.

Health Care, improvement of quality of Life, was our mission for the patients.  We had around 22 Nutritionists,Activity Directors, Large Nursing Staff, Physical Therapists.

We found that there are a lot of care programs that were more effective for the folks, than what the Government allowed us to do or use.

With this said, we will move to our Mission for 2013.

1.  We are going to provide information that will help us all improve health for our families, and others.

2.  We are going to provide financial information, that will give us all info to make good decisions related to our financial well being.  This will help with providing a solution to a lot of stress.

3.  Business opportunities that will also provide solutions to reaching goals, desires, providing opportunity for our kids, and each other.

4.  We have been in the business to help Seniors and we continue to work to that end.  Since that is where we find ourselves now.

So as we begin this year, we excited about the journey that we are taking, and hope that you may travel with us.

Info we want to share with you.

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