Take Care of Yourself – How?

12 Apr

The world just goes about it’s business, and not concerned that there is a way to keep ourselves out of the Doctors office more, have more good days, and extend our lives. I could go on and on

We have plenty of products, foods, ways to improve our living standards and keep us healthy. IT IS SO IMPORTANT NOW FOR US TO DO THIS.  With Government Health Care going the direction it is, we have to take this challenge on ourselves to eat right.  Many Doctors have shown that proper eating can cure and keep us from getting most of the diseases that are killing our people and/or putting them in health care facilities.

My wife and I owned and ran one of the largest, privately owned long term care operations in the nation.  We saw it all, we tried to use natural ways of helping folks.  Some exercises, some natural foods.  We recieved written permission from families, but the health departments would stop us.  Even with major documentation, Doctor orders, and any other thing we could think of to get more effective programs to help.

We wanted to provide Loving Care to the residents, but they had the power of the pencil.

What we are saying, is we need to do things differently, those of us that are in our later years of life, have to find new solutions to the things that we know are right.  So that our kids, grandkids, & Great grandkids will have a way to provide and survive.

For 15 plus years, we have been working with alternative products and procedures to improve our and others health.  We have had great success and we feel others can do the same thing.  Take a look at some of the products in the sights we provide, our group of associates do $11million dollars a month in product sales world wide.

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