Your Sponsor is NOT Your Friend

10 Jun

Your Sponsor is not Your Friend or is your up-line.  People Call their team their family, They are not your family.

They are Business Partners-not Family or Friends.  You are going to act, say or do things concerning your business, that you would never do with your friends or family.  You of course, correct your kids, say things to friends or family when you disagree with their actions or even what they say.  But your suggestions, to correct things that they do in business, is to help them become more successful.  Listen to Trump to get my drift.

Your Coaches, Mentors, Up-line, Sponsor are not there to be a friend,  They are there to train, teach, help, provide ways to be more effective in your business, they have an interest in YOUR BUSINES, as you do. Your Up-line and Sponsor are more successful when you succeed and the same is true with the people you sponsor.  Therefore; you must be the best that you can be.  An attorney who wants to be the best Attorney, doesn’t choose a second rate college to get his or her degree.  They look for the best education they can get.  People need coaches, trainers, Mentors to become the best they can be.  Even People like Robert Kiyosaki still have mentors, they always are looking to improve themselves.  They read, study, go to seminars (like Toni Robbins), webinars and so forth.  Life is an education, make sure you allow time each day to improve yourself.  YOUR ARE HERE TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS FOR YOU, your family and your future.

You are doing whatever you chose and believe in. Your business is for Your Success.  People do things for their needs, wants, desires and BELIEF.  No matter how good of a salesman you may become, if you forget this, you will have a very hard time building something that lasts.  People can be sold, but soon they will get buyers remorse and move on.  If they do something that they want, need, desire, that satisfy their dreams of a future, them they stay.

That teacher that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, the one that is going to correct you, changes your course, tells you the way it is, is the one you are looking for.  You need someone you can TRUST, someone you can RESPECT, Someone you will listen too.

Your are here to build a business, no matter the business, it maybe a service station, Insurance office, Real Estate, Direct Sales, or Networking it still is a business.  It takes marketing, advertising, word of mouth, a store front, (Face Book, Internet).  You must find a way to draw people to your business, product, and service.  No traffic, no Business.

I was with McDonald’s early in my working life.  You were not guaranteed success.  You had two (2) Manuals that were 4 inches thick of operation procedures.  You followed them by the letter or goodbye.  We opened several stores, not all made it.  Location, Service, Product, Zoning changes, DETERMINATION OF OPERATOR effects them and can cause them to closed.  Even Mc’s with all the advertising, and market share, can fail. Each unit is a separate business and operates on its own.  It was the management decisions that made the difference  RAY KROC was a great teacher, trainer, never your buddy or friend.

You need hard core reality.  Your Life, Your Family, Your Future depends on it.  If you MAKE IT DEPENDS on YOU..

ITS UP TO YOU – NO ONE ELSE.  No one is going to make this happen for you. IT’S UP TO YOU AND YOU ONLY.  Not your sponsor or up-line.  Not the Company, Product, Marketing Plan, there are Big Successes and Small Successes in all companies.  Some are better that others, but the difference is only YOU.

GOOD LUCK, FROM THE BOTTOM OUR HEART.  We seen it all over the 53 yrs that we have been in business for ourselves.

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Steve & Sue Hymas.

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