“Follow Your Passion” Victor Borge


         Pin-pointing your Purpose, Vision, & Goals is absolutely essential to you SUCCESS

        In our Solar System the sun is one stable element around which all of the planets revolve.

Your Purpose is your SUN.  It doesn’t move; it doesn’t change.  Your Vision and its subsequent

Goals are the planets that revolve around your Purpose’s  perimeter. 

         Vision is what you do with your life Your Vision is the strategy behind the fulfillment of your

Purpose.  You accomplish this strategy by creating several short-term goals to keep you on course.

         Writing a Vision for your life is something that very few people do-and it is an underrated,

powerful and fun exercise that will directly impact your life in a positive way.

                           “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.

                                                       Van Gogh

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Building a data base of good people to work with.

The most important thing you need with a home base business is people to talk to.  The best way is to get those that are already interested in you and what you are doing.

The following link will show a program we have been doing for 15 yrs and have made a very nice income for us.

Yes These 3 Proven Steps Helped Me Triple My Income in 90 Days or Less and They Will Work For YOU Too

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The wealth is in your List !!!


2 Great places to build that list:


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Napolean Hill “Think & Grow Rich”

In 1937, Napoleon Hill wrote one of the most
inspirational books of all time titled “Think and Grow Rich”
thanks to a suggestion by Andrew Carnegie. 

Hill interviewed and studied the characteristics
of the most influential leaders and wealth creators
of his time, and came up with 13 principles that
can shape the course of any man’s (or woman’s) destiny. 

After 20 million copies sold, there have been
more millionaires and BILLIONAIRES who have
made their fortunes as a result of reading this success
classic than any other book printed… EVER. 

For those that haven’t read this, please do.  Go to and get a copy.

When I was at McDonald’s we started our staff meetings with

instruction from this book, and it has been a major read of mine.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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Take Care of Yourself – How?

The world just goes about it’s business, and not concerned that there is a way to keep ourselves out of the Doctors office more, have more good days, and extend our lives. I could go on and on

We have plenty of products, foods, ways to improve our living standards and keep us healthy. IT IS SO IMPORTANT NOW FOR US TO DO THIS.  With Government Health Care going the direction it is, we have to take this challenge on ourselves to eat right.  Many Doctors have shown that proper eating can cure and keep us from getting most of the diseases that are killing our people and/or putting them in health care facilities.

My wife and I owned and ran one of the largest, privately owned long term care operations in the nation.  We saw it all, we tried to use natural ways of helping folks.  Some exercises, some natural foods.  We recieved written permission from families, but the health departments would stop us.  Even with major documentation, Doctor orders, and any other thing we could think of to get more effective programs to help.

We wanted to provide Loving Care to the residents, but they had the power of the pencil.

What we are saying, is we need to do things differently, those of us that are in our later years of life, have to find new solutions to the things that we know are right.  So that our kids, grandkids, & Great grandkids will have a way to provide and survive.

For 15 plus years, we have been working with alternative products and procedures to improve our and others health.  We have had great success and we feel others can do the same thing.  Take a look at some of the products in the sights we provide, our group of associates do $11million dollars a month in product sales world wide.

LEAVE A COMMITMENT BELOW:    If you want to be on our list of over 450 folks getting information,  click on the link on the lower right hand side.

Leave your info here at this link:

Products/Income: http://AmeriCadre.4lifeGlutaminePrime

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Outlook –

Grand Children are our Inspiration in 2013.

2013 Blog Begins a Mission on our Health.

Rachael, Very Special One of our Beautiful Grand Daughters will be our inspiration this Blog, we will feature another one each Blog.

This year we are going to go back to our past business activity.

For over 13 yrs., we owned a large Long Term Care & Nursing Home Business, in the U.S. We had 20 facilities and over 3,000 employees.

Health Care, improvement of quality of Life, was our mission for the patients.  We had around 22 Nutritionists,Activity Directors, Large Nursing Staff, Physical Therapists.

We found that there are a lot of care programs that were more effective for the folks, than what the Government allowed us to do or use.

With this said, we will move to our Mission for 2013.

1.  We are going to provide information that will help us all improve health for our families, and others.

2.  We are going to provide financial information, that will give us all info to make good decisions related to our financial well being.  This will help with providing a solution to a lot of stress.

3.  Business opportunities that will also provide solutions to reaching goals, desires, providing opportunity for our kids, and each other.

4.  We have been in the business to help Seniors and we continue to work to that end.  Since that is where we find ourselves now.

So as we begin this year, we excited about the journey that we are taking, and hope that you may travel with us.

Info we want to share with you.

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Americadre’s Blog

17eb781[1]  Please take time to check these sites out off our Primary Business.

Our Training programs are here on

We have been working and building our relationships with folks for some 50 yrs.  Sue and I are a business partners, wife & husband for 50 yrs.

Please send an email, for detailed info on how we can help you to build you business and create relationships for life. 

Name:____________  Email: _________________

What is your goal and ambition for your business life?  Send an email to with this info.


AmeriCadre International, LLC

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Americadre’s Blog

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